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Fostering Process:

Foster carers are a vital part of the B.I.N and we are always looking for special people to join our network.

All fosterers must have the facilities to keep a foster dog separate from their own dogs, this may be by having dog/baby gates, dog crates. This is for the safety of all concerned, it can take a few days for the dogs to get used to one another and they should never be left on their own together without supervision.

Foster dogs should always to be crated / kept separate at night and when you are not in the house.

Fosterers will need to be able to take the dog to their vets for route vaccinations, check ups and neutering. 

It is impossible to predict the length of time that a dog will remain in your care. If for any reason you are unable to continue fostering then please ensure B.I.N are given at least 7 days notice (preferably 14 days). Please understand that although B.I.N will make every effort to remove the dog within this time frame it may not always be possible, we ask that you please be patient whilst we organise alternative arrangements.

Foster dogs should never be allowed off lead, unless you have access to a fully fenced safe area, from which the dog cannot escape and is not open to the public. Foster dogs should never be walked by anyone from outside of the household and not by anyone under the age of 18 years old. Neither should anyone else be allowed to look after them without permission from the rescue.
Unless a special diet is required it is usual for the fosters to pay for the dogs food and to provide a bed and toys. If this isn't possible please still apply but mention it on the form. Vets costs are either paid for by the rescue direct to the vet or reimbursed to the fosterer on receipt of an expenses form.

Please remember that the foster dog is in your care and it is up to you to ensure that appropriate care is taken in all situations and that the foster dog is under your full control at all times.

Finally, all of our foster dogs need love, attention, regular food, water and walks. They and B.I.N rely on you to treat them with consideration and kindness at all times. Foster dogs legally belong to the rescue and if we feel for whatever reason that they will be better off elsewhere they will be moved. Our team is always on hand to support and advise you with your foster placement and we will do our best to match a dog to your family.

Some of our requirements:

Experience and confidence with owning dogs, especially bull breeds.

A fully secure garden with any gates being lockable from the inside.

Resident dogs MUST be neutered or spayed.

That you provide regular updates so that we can keep our records as up to date as possible.

We do expect our foster carers to provide food, bedding, toys and other necessary equipment, however if a special diet is required this will be provided by us. Vet costs are covered by the rescue. 

If you want to foster one of our dogs, please fill the application form here.