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About Us!

Bullies In Need was initially set up by three Bull Terrier owners in 2002 as a Bull Terrier rescue after the need for more breed rescue spaces became apparent from the feedback received on the Bullie Bar online forum. Only one of the founder members is still involved with BIN today.

Back then we took in only Bull Terriers and Bull Terrier crosses - when spaces were available. In 2009 we also started an American Bulldog Rescue as there was no breed rescue available and we were continually being asked to take them. We soon realised that running the two rescues separately was going to be difficult, so the administration for the two rescues combined, but still continued with separate websites and online forums.

During 2010 we  evolved even further and we now rescue, rehabilitate and rehome all bull breeds. So many bull breeds are being put to sleep in pounds, unloved and unwanted and we couldn’t just sit by and not do anything. So we have now rehomed many Bullmastiffs, Dogue de Bordeauxs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, English Bulldogs, Olde Tyme Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, numerous bull breed crosses and many other breeds - We have even rescued and rehomed the odd Jack Russell and various other small breeds!

​We are only a small team and we all do this completely voluntarily so please be patient and polite if you don't receive an immediate reply when you send an email - Thank you.

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