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12 months
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Yes but very bouncy
Further training needed
ucka ideally needs a home with another dog to keep his anxiety at bay, he needs regular walks and someone who is at home alot. He is young and excitable so children need to be savvy or old enough to deal with him.
He also needs someone who is experienced with dogs as he needs some guidance, he has a bad habit of chewing everything which I put down to his age and boredom.

Tucka spent the first few months of his life chained up outside and having mostly to scavange for his food. He was then rescued by a lady who unfortunately died 6 weeks after saving him
Tucka has anxiety when he is alone so this needs to be kept to a minimum. He will jump up on the sides if he sees the opportunity to take something, so needs a tidy home where there isn't the temptation, however he will still put his feet on the edges when your there, so this needs work.

He is an exceptionally affectionate little guy and loves cuddles and attention, he responds well to praise and does his best to understand instruction. Since being with us he goes to the toilet outside and we don't have many accidents in the house, generally it's only if left a little longer, like us not getting up on time.
He has learnt to sit when given treats which I think is a massive break through.
He is such an amazing and loving little character he just needs someone to give him a chance and work with him, he really wants to please and needs teaching
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