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Staffy x Mastiff
4 years
Yes 12year+
Yes but experience is a must
Has been around cats, but experience needed.
Yes on halti
I am good with children 12+ and he lives with male & females dogs now outside he's reactive & can be difficult to handle when he kicks off due to his strength. Ideally he needs a home where they can do majority of walks with few dogs around so he doesn't get to practice the bad behaviour and then taken to places to practice where dogs are fairly under control so are able to keep him below threshold.
He can be strong on lead even with a head collar on, on collar he's a naughty boy & can pretty much drag you where he wants. He has improved but does need interaction on walks to keep his attention so not for someone who wants a relaxing walk or short arms.
He has done clicker training and responds very well to this. At heart he's a nervous chap so does need some gentle/thoughtful handling so doesn't lose confidence. He is scared of younger children, even if just playing nearby so wouldn't home him with any. He was ok with my sensible 10yr nephew but being a bit of an excitable lump may knock smaller uns or the elderly over too. He likes to sit on you.
He's a tendency to guard his food (or food he wants) around other dogs, he isn't too bad when small treats are given all round. but as this food issue can easily lead to a scrap with my other dog i tend to be careful . That's probably all his bad bits that may effect home choice i'll have to properly think through it. He's a sweet boy that loves cuddles, is clever and fun to have around and not overly active given age.
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