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2 year
Yes - can be reactive at first need a home with a male
Rio is a very special girl, loves life and training! She can do agility, searching, tricks you name it she can do it! Not bad for a bulldog right!

Not to mention she's totally deaf!

As sociable as Rio can be, she will need someone experienced as she can give off the completely wrong signals to other dogs and people.

Therefore she would need a quiet'ish home with no other dogs or children.

She's not your average looking Bulldog, she weighs in at 20kg but is relatively lean and fit in comparison to a typical English Bulldog.

Its a very hard decision to rehome this wonderful girl, but unfortunately (with lots of work) she just isn't gelling with a resident dog.

I have high hopes that she can find that special bond with someone else. Can't express my love for this girl enough!

2yr old old tyme bulldog
Has had lots of training and knows a variety of hand signals and tricks

Toilet trained and walks nicely on lead, good focus off lead in familiar environments, although due to deafness would need ongoing training

Can be wary of strangers and doesn't like to be touched by people she doesn't know.

Is usually reactive to dogs but will settle around calm dogs and walk nicely with them.

Has made lots of doggy friends and when she does play she is rather bouncy and boisterous

Best suited to a home with no children or other pets although a specially selected companion could be introduced in the future.
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